Urban Shield Serum


The lifestyle of active women, especially of those living in urban areas, may lead to unexpected skin problems, induced by stress, pollution, and blue light (screen devices). Day after day, skin is exposed to these attacks. The consequences are a dull, dry, wrinkled skin with loss of tonicity and firmness.
This serum has been developed by our laboratory in order to protect skin cells against aggression by pollutants, to prevent free radical formation by blocking infrared and blue light, and to purify the skin by facilitating the removal of all micro-particles.  
It is the best serum to protect skin from environmental stress and make skin breathe again. This minimal formula is suitable for all skin types and can be integrated into any type of routine.
Apply a generous amount on clean and dry skin every morning.
Key ingredients
Moringa Tree Complex – Purifies and protects skin against pollution
CellShield - Protects skin against infrared and blue light
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