Pure Elixir Serum


Back to the basics. This serum belongs to the purity line, a collection of skin care products designed around virgin ingredients to give a pure breath to the skin by oxygenating and revitalizing it.
Combining powerful actives, this elixir of purity limits excessive sebum production, moisturizes and oxygenates the skin, and evens skin tone. It has also an excellent smoothing and firming effect. The skin looks younger.
It is the best serum for a radiant and refined complexion. This serum also protects skin against external aggression such as pollution. The formula is suitable for all skin types, and more specifically for oily skin.
Apply to clean skin in the morning. Apply 4-5 drops to the face.
Key ingredients
BeautArctic - Moisturizes, firms, smoothes and even the complexion
Epiphytic Macroalgae extract – Regulates sebum excretion and protects against external aggression
Pure Swiss Glacier Water - Moisturizes
Nordic Birch Sap – Moisturizes, evens skin tone, and stimulates cell renewal
DermOxygene – Oxygenates, revitalizes, and regenerates
Liquorice root extract – Soothes and regulates sebum excretion
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