Detox Lifting Cream


The lifestyle of active people leads to unexpected skin problems. Day after day, skin is exposed to these attacks. The consequences are a dull, dry, wrinkled skin with loss of tonicity and firmness.
Our Detox Lifting Cream intensively soothes and moisturizes the skin thanks to the vitamin B5. Designed with a powerful marine active and allantoin, the formula detoxifies skin cells, improves energy and cellular viability, and regenerates the skin.
With its anti-aging properties, the Marine Phytoplankton Plasma helps prevent the signs of aging and lifts the skin. The damaged skin regains its moisture, tonicity and firmness. The skin is ready for a new day.
Its shape memory texture makes it unique. The cream is always smooth and clean like the first opening. This product fits perfectly into an anti-pollution, moisturizing, detoxifying or anti-aging treatment.
Apply nightly to clean skin.
Key ingredients
Marine Phytoplankton Plasma – Detoxifies the cell, improves energy and cellular viability, hydrates and has anti-aging properties
Vitamin B5 – Moisturizes, soothers and regenerates.
Allantoin – Exfoliates, soothes, protects, and regenerates
Almond oil – Soothes and moisturizes
Glycerin - Moisturizes
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