Alps Rose Stem Cell Serum


This Alps Rose Stem Cell serum is ideal to protect skin against environmental stress like seasonal changes. It keeps the skin looking youthful longer, and gives it a better and more vital appearance.
Base on stem cells of Swiss alpine rose leaves, this Swiss formulation immediately soothes the skin, increases skin stem cell vitality, improves the skin barrier function, boosts epidermal regeneration, and help the skin to cope with climate changes.
This formula is perfect for a regenerative or protective care product, and is suitable for all skin types. This translucent purple serum is lightweight and water based.
Apply on clean skin morning and evening. Apply a small amount over the face and neck.
Key ingredients
Alps Rose Stem Cells Extract – Regenerates and protects against environmental stress
Raspberry Stem Cells – Protects, soothes, and repairs
Edelweiss Extract – Protects, soothes and has antioxidant properties
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